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Data Center:

CalHub™ utilizes some of the most advanced security technology as is required of mission-critical systems. In house systems on office PCs and servers can be highly vulnerable. Data is secure if invulnerable to theft, sabotage or other forms of unwarranted intrusion or alteration.
  • Level Three, state-of-the-art data center.
  • Cisco secure PIX firewalls with IPSEC encryption that prevent access to both applications and data by unauthorized users.
  • Cisco switches that route transactions generated by CalHub™ application servers to database servers, granting access only to the single server hosting the current customer’s data.
  • Mirrored data. Powerful database servers replicate data so that two copies exist of all data at any given time.
  • Anti-virus updates. Software updates are installed as appropriate.
  • Nightly back-up. CalHub™ backs up all data every night automatically. Back-ups are stored both on-site and off-site in secure locations.